Monday, January 30, 2012

Killin' it & Killin' me: SAG Awards 2012 Red Carpet

Let's just jump right into this one. Who was Killin' it at the Screen Actors Guild last night:

Best of the best...

From the hair down to the heels these ladies know how to please an audience!

Killin It!

I couldn't choose just one, here's two that top my list.

 Rose Byrne in Elie Saab

I know I know, you either loved it or hated it. Well I thought she pulled off a jumpsuit! And white sequined at that! She looks fantastic.

Jayma Mays in Reem Acra

Stunning in black sequins! I can't get enough.

Annnnd for the worst...
For obvious reasons.

Whether it was tacky, wrong dress/cute girl, choker-face or strange, these ladies need to hire a new stylist stat.

This one is sooo horrible she is just Killin' me with that, whatever it is!

Busy Phillips in SIMONE by Katie Nehra
Boho? Ohno.
BTW Busy showed up on the red carpet with Michele Williams. Clearly she needs to find a new friend.

Thanks for being all catty with me Fashion Palateers, until next time!

Who was your best and worst dressed?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fab Five Friday: Elie Saab Couture something like a fairytale.

Holy goddesses! The Spring 2012 Couture Collection from Elie Saab was so breathtaking I just had to choose my Fab Five Elie Saab gowns. The Paris runway featured pastels and ethereal beauty. Each dress was so feminine and could make any girl feel like a princess. Speaking of, I went with the princess theme and came up with names for each look. LOL. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I felt about all this pastel coming into play for spring 2012, but Elie Saab made me believe!

Enjoy your eye candy darlings!

 Cinderella Blue Hue

The Dutchess
A hint of royalty and edge, perfect for Kate Middleton. The neckline is to die.

 Queen Frostine. 
The sweetest of all Candy Land. Bow down.

 Belle of the Ball
No joke, kind of modern day Beauty and the Beast! The cape is luxe and the simplicity of the yellow bodice balances the flowers and textures.

 Princess Peach
Thank you mario but our princess is in another castle. Just in case you were looking.

And if that wasn't enough girly girl frou frou, here's the runway show with the rest of the gowns.

[Photo credit:, FataleFashionII via]

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fashion Palate Giveaway: Jessie Steele Apron!

Woo hoo! The Fashion Palate reached 100 likes on Facebook! Thank you loyal Fashion Palateers & to all my new fans that just joined. I'm so happy to have each of you as fans. :D

If you have known me from the start, you know that I LOVE/LIVE to bake. I also like sharing recipes. Something about baking is just thrilling to me, whether it's a new recipe, decorating cakes, baking gadgets, and lets just get straight to the point, the fashion. Fashion you say? Yes, baking can be quite fabulous you know. That's why I love my Jessie Steele apron! I have to look good in the kitchen if I'm going to be spending most of my time in there.

So I give you our first contest: Cherry Cupcakes Audrey Apron by Jessie Steele.

This one in particular is my favorite. You might notice that this was seen on the character Charlotte from Sex and The City 2.
This is brand new with tags and retails for $32.95. Functional fashion, amirite?

Contest Details:

Follow the instructions in the contest box hosted by Rafflecopter. The contest begins January 25 and ends on February 3rd, 2012. I will announce the winner on Feb 3rd via my Facebook & Twitter page.

You MUST leave a COMMENT on this blog post below, LIKE my Facebook page, and JOIN my blog site via Google Friend Connect labeled "Fashion Palateers" (see top left corner).

Extra credit for liking the blog post, following @Thfashionpalate on twitter & tweeting about the giveaway. The more points the more likely you will win! Good luck!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a Brad, Brad World: Sweet Home Alabama

The search for a style office continues. Only to be lead to a retail space that once sold medical weed. Brad and his assistant Lindsay leave kind of high, as they proceed to try and enter a car that is not theirs...

Next up, awkward couple banter...heeey I guess it can't always be so funny and endearing. This time the back and forth got a little uncomfortable as Brad and Gary argue over where to have their 10 year anni party. This might be the first time they sound like a couple that has been together over a decade, reality honeymoon OVER. Anyways Congrats guys! But next epsiode let's not mess with the proven Brad World formula : tears + pizza.

The only upshoot to this scene, I do like the way the dogs kind of subtly interfere with the convo, and Brads orange POC cardi wins over Gary, resulting in the guys to get over it. Nice job pups & Brad's uncanny taste in distracting clothing!

The fashion-help-#brad bit and fashion advice online with Brad & Ashton Kutcher was fun. And I learned that strappy shoes probably aren't the best look unless you have great feet and want pictures of them to show up on a Coolpix. I never would have thought to get fashion advice from Ashton Kutcher. Kind of didn't make sense why this was happening, but I think it was an a attempt to make me curious enough too google "dream bigger." You win this time Kutcher but this scene would've been improved if they had spontaneously started bawling and dabbed eachothers tears with a calzone.

Bradical look of the week:

This is the most Bradical look of the show methinks. I like the short shorts on him; he pulls it off well. Also I loved the reoccurring Tommy Hilfiger shoes. And the outfit wouldn't be complete without a bow tie!

P.s. what was Lindsay wearing in Alabama at Billy Reid's? While we know she's safe with Brad, sure looks like the official walk of shame uniform. The tunic was way too short to be a dress. It made me uneasy. And the white ruffle swimsuit w/ a sailor hat debacle...well that's a story for later nights kiddies. KIDDING!?!?
[All Photos:]

P.p.s Hate to admit it folks, but weakest epi so far. I judge my Brad's worlds like I judged my middle school sleepovers, it's got to have crying and/or pizza, or just don't bother. ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Black & Gold Sweet Date

Black & Gold Sweet Date

Black & Gold Sweet Date by franciscag featuring cuff jewelry

[Photo Credit:]

I'm really in love with the Peplum style tops/skirts/dresses. The Peplum top I've already seen on many celebrities and I think it's going to really take off this season. So I thought I'd put together a little ensemble focused around the Peplum top. 

The best way to wear it is with a black pencil skirt, leather would be great. You can also use that cotton stretch mini skirt that a lot of us seemed to have purchased last year. Reuse what you got! 

I love a metallic accent, especially a gold  peter pan collar necklace! So adorable. Coordinate with some cuffs and it instantly gives your outfit some extra style cred.

Also, since its nearing Valentines Day I thought I add a little extra something. I don't like to be obvious about  holiday attire. I prefer to go more subtle, like this gold pump, accentuated with a heart peep toe. Its Valentine's enough without being in your face about it. 

How do you feel about this look? What's your favorite piece out of my Polyvore look? 

Stay tuned, I will be following up with many more Valentines outfit choices leading up to the holiday itself. I will cover different dating attire from picnics, mini golf to a fancy dinner affair! What look would you like me to feature? Leave a comment below and I will whip that look up for you. ;)
Peplum top
$35 -

TopShop body con skirt
$50 -

Alexander McQueen metallic pumps
$1,060 -

D G cuff jewelry
$125 -

Juicy Couture cuff jewelry
$25 -

Dannijo Stella Collar
$498 -

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greek Quesadilla Recipe: Not Your College Queso

My husband and I are on a roll these past few weeks, we're trying to only eat at home and make all our dinners. And we have been eating much more healthier in the process as well. We had a lot of leftover herbs and cheeses in the fridge and what better to do with than to make quesadilla's right?

I came across this awesome recipe from my favorite recipe source Food Gawker. They never seem to fail with the amount of delicious and creative recipes they add to their website. I saw a clip for Greek Quesadillas and I was instantly sold.

Here's where I got my recipe: A Couple Cooks

And here is how it turned out:

 With a handful of mozzarella, a spoonful of feta, add some spinach, tomatoes, olives and red onions with some red pepper flakes and oregano and your good to go! Just eyeball it, you'll feel like a pro.

Great dinner choice, and sooo mouth watering dang delicious too. Try it out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a Brad, Brad World: The Motherload

I admit, Mondays are my most busiest night. Why? Well my DVR is set to record about four reality shows, that's just Monday alone people. Three of them being Bravo shows, one being It's a Brad, Brad World. As I was tuning in, I noticed in the info section that it's actually no longer labeled as a"reality show" it's a "docudrama." LOVE it!

Ok so last week Brad did that whole Details Magazine thing and pitched his "POC" idea. And as you may have known, the pop of color phrase has been embeded into my mind. Example: Fab Five Friday: POC

This episode mainly focused on Brad's life and the parents interacting for the first time. I loved that Brad style prepped his mom and sister at Tory Burch "to turn this shit out" for the big family dinner.

Brad and Gary banter: morbibd breakfast talk in very nice morning attire. From what I remember the convo consisted of how Brad's funeral outfit will look and that many fans from around the world will always remember him by his bountiful collection of fashionable bow ties.

I think my favorite part of this show besides the fashion, is the couple banter. I love it. I think it may have to do with that fact that Gary is a comedy writer, but these two have great chemistry.

Back to the meeting of the parents, so the family dinner was SO NORMAL I kind of felt like a creeper watching them interact. Anyone else?

So three episodes in, a canadian joke at least per episode and did anyone else notice...I think they like pizza. A lot. I spied them eating a pie each week!

Back to fashion, (after all Mr. Goreski is a stylist) so I decided to add a new gimmick to my posts, a "Bradical" look (coined by my other half, thanks sweets!). This will be my favorite Brad look for each show.


This week I'm loving this outfit he wore for The Nate Berkus show. A pop of bright yellowy lemon shirt complimented by a navy blue blazer and Tommy Hilfiger nautical pants. They have anchors on them!

 [ Photo Credits: ]

Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012: Killing it & Killing me.

I was a little disappointed when I saw more neutral palettes and tones from head to toe on the red carpet. Where was the color? The neon's? So much of the spectrum missing. All that aside there was still a helluva lot of damn good dressed ladies & gents. Let's hop to it, here's my favorites, some not so favorites and who in my opinion was Killing it or just Killing me.

The Fashion Palate

Glam, metallic, and color behold!

Killing it! :
 [Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage]

Charlize Theron wearing a Dior Haute Couture gown & vintage Cartier gems(of course, j'adore), I especially loved the pretty hairdo and sparkling hair band. I can see a lot of brides rocking this hairdo this season. The dress looks great on her and the light nude blush color doesn't wash her out like a few other gals that will be on my not so much list. All in all, I chose her because she was killing it from head to toe. She looks put together and she knows she looks damn good. I have to admit it even though she's not wearing a bold color I still really like it!

Not So Much:

I mean..YIKES!
What a mess. We got 60s vintage brides Mc Droops and then we have some pretty horrible art class catastrophes. You choose which.

You're Killing Me! :

Worst dressed, and she just looks annoying doesn't she?
I can't even talk about this one, the dress is just killing me.

 [All Photo Credits: Steve Granitz/WireImage]

Lea Michele in something to make us all suffer, oh It's Marchesa.

Ok Fashion Palateers, what was your favorite look of the night? Who was Killing It, and who was Killing You with that dress? I'm dying to know!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fab Five Friday: "P.O.C"

I'm inspired by Brad Goreski ( Bravo's "It's a Brad Brad World" reality show) sense of style and his go to word "Pop Of Color" or "P.O.C." In honor of Brad and his impeccable way of styling bright colors with neutrals for everyday looks I'm featuring my favorite P.O.C's of the week.

Toe caps of spontanity. I love the Tiffany Blue color block against a nude ballerina shoe!

Almost everyone has that staple white blouse and black pants in your closet right? Make it current with an eye catching blazer, like this green Gucci one on Emma Stone. FYI there are blazers in every color at Forever 21 on the cheap. Pick one up for the Spring, it's going to be major.

[Getty Images]

Two P.O.C's are better than one! Try an unsual bright shade with a scarf. Don't forget to compliment with a purse!
[Jeff Gire Photography]

P.O.C on your cat is equal to another P.O.C: Pissed Off Cat.

Hellooooo, of course I had to add the P.O.C King himself, Brad! Cleverly wearing a neon Cambridge Satchel Co. handbag against a snazzy suit.

Be bold when adding your P.O.C's to your wardrobe and have fun. Start with little pops such as a bright nail colour and then work your way around your wardrobe, hair clips, lipstick all the way down to your shoes. If your afraid of stopping traffic, pair it up with all those neutrals you bought last year- bright colors look great against these. Paired with black it can also be very dramatic!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Birthday Fashion Palate

Kicking off the new year with my birthday is not a bad start to 2012! Having a Birthday so close to the holidays can be kind lame sometimes, but this year I was determined to make it the party of the year! And how do I do that? Have a NYE themed Birthday party of course. And that I did. After all I need an excuse to wear my $8 glittery Zac Posen dress! I had a blast celebrating my birthday week with the people closest to me. And I was suuuuper busy too.

Not only was I baking the day of, but I had my hair done at Halo-A Dry Bar in Palo Alto, Ca.
And then I had my makeup & eyebrow wax professionally done by Pauline at Studio Joule in San Jose,Ca. (Which BTW there will be a fab future giveaway from my favorite spa/makeup haven: Studio Joule!). Pauline did a grayish smokey eye on me with a glitter eyeliner and a Pop of Art Pink lipstick by Kate Spade.

I was baking up a storm. Here's what I made:

Champagne Cupcakes & Confetti Cookies.

I made a little fun set up on my dinning table for my Bday snackies! Gotta have the party poppers.

I found the confetti cookie recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar recipe book. I've never been to their Milk Bar in New York, but after tasting these I can't wait to visit! Crisp yet unbelievably chewy with sprinkles, ugh so good.

 Dinner at Blowfish Sushi at Santana Row. Got this delicious little ice cream platter!

 Celebrating with my friends! Shown here is my hubby Jeff and one of my long time besties.
Notice the awesome glittery mini hats! I kind of bedazzeled mine out and added a few feathers.

Fashion Palate/ Clothes Encounters:

Zac Posen Dress
Pink Blazer from Forever 21
Bracelets from Forever 21
Not Shown- nude pumps by Steven Madden. Just wanted to make sure you know I wasn't all decked out in pink!

So here I am, week after the big 29 and I'm feeling pretty good about this year. Thank you all for reading and liking my Facebook page The Fashion Palate. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to getting to know you all a bit better and sharing all my fashion & delicious finds with you!