Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fashion Hunters: "Generosity Gems"

The Fashion Hunters are putting together a Charity event.
Invasion of closets...BEGIN!

So this is when Kelly Bensimon comes in. We see her apartment again..(seen it on The Real Housewives of New York) and then she starts talking crazy. No, I'm just kidding, Kelly actually seemed sweet. She does have an amazing closet set up I must say. She gives the Second Time Around gals the white Jill Stuart dress she wore while causing crazy person drama on one of  the RHONY reunion shows. Charity work has never looked so glamourous.
( image)

Next celebrity closet, Alexa Ray Joel. She ends up having super cute clothes, she gives away a fun pair of Prada mary jane leopard print pumps and a BCBG dress she wore in her music video. Very very cute items.

Sorry No Photo of her in her dress, the only thing I could dig up was her music video "Notice Me" but her voice was not kind to my ears and I didn't think the dress was worth showing while torturing everyone with her song while reading my blog! But still, cute girl!

One last piece from Peter Som, who has dressed Michelle Obama, and Scarlett Johansen. They pick a black and white dress worn by Christina Ricci in 2011 retails at $1,500, in hopes that the classic look and Audrey Hepburn-eiss style of it will sell to their clients.
( image)

Now that everything is 'collected and buyers are gathered its auction time!

Peter som starts off at $1,100 but there are no takers until they offer it at $700, tough crowd. Kelly Bensimon's original handbag, and both her dresses sell for a few hundo each, and  Alexa's BCBG dress sells for 1,000! A little wine goes a long way in getting customers to buy buy buy.

They just barely reach their charity goal of $6,000 with a JLO dress a consigner sold to Second Time Around a few episodes ago.

( image)
Don't know why they were expecting to get more than $3,000 for this dress, after all this dates way back to when she was dating P Diddy, or Puff whatever he was back then.

One more episode to go!

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