Friday, December 9, 2011

Fab Five Friday: Stocking Stuffers

I love buying gifts that have room for extra little surprises to hide inside of them, you can fill them up  like stocking stuffers. These fillers can be super fun and don't have to cost much. Here are few that caught my eye.

Maybelline Baby Lips. Photo: Bobby Doherty for AOL
Baby Lips SPF 20 chap stick by Maybelline for $3.99!

Oreos don't get much better than this. Ooh La La Oreo Cookies covered in Belgium Dark and Milk Chocolate. They look really festive too! $15 for a six pack of yumminess.

Jingle G Photo: Sephora
Have a Gwen Stefani fan as a friend? This will surely rock her Christmas stockings. This cute little Harajuku Lovers Fragrance G is all dolled up as Santa for the holidays. She smells sweet too-think Honeysuckle & notes of Vanilla. Price $24

Titanium 'G Mirror' Slap Watch Girls. Photo:Nordstrom

Super cute slap watch, reminds me of the one I had as a child! $16 for slap happy wearable fun for the kids!

Black and Red Apple Cozy with Vintage Button. Photo: Mikisknits

Protect your precious apples from bruising with this clever little knit cover up. For $9 your cute little apple will make a great gift for a deserving teacher or for the girl on the go!

I hope this encourages you to think outside of the Christmas box when it comes to filling up those Christmas Socks (or stockings...).

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