Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion Hunters: "Price Wars"

A tough cookie, inconsistent pricing, and hair extensions.

Lets start off with the lady wanting $3,000 for a Marc Jacobs gown from 2004?! Say what? She be crazy.
I think her Russian accent scared Tara because she ended up negotiating for $1,600 still a lot of moola.

Christian Louboutin's show up, lime green and a custom flat black shoe. Yumm both priced under $500 each! This pricing ended up being a great surprise for the consigner but not such a good thing for Karina and Wilson. They had to push the price down to $300. I'm with Karina and Wilson this time, I really do think they could've sold the brand new conditiion Louboutin's for $500!

Bring on the annual authentication process, there's always one each episode. I think this is my favorite part actually. I like the anticipation. This time they are authenticating a Valentino dress. This week professional is vintage expert is Keni Valenti. After investigating the stitching and zipper, no french seems, he comes to the conclusion that it's a faux Valentino. Aw. always sad when they don't have a great find.

The funny part of this episode was the complete honesty of the consigner. she is selling her one of a kind custom made jewelry all for the money, so she can buy hair extensions for her younger prospecting boyfriends! Hilarious.I wish the consigners would really admit why they are selling their designer goods.

I just changed my mind, my favorite part of tonight's episode was the clip with Ambria blushing over the idea of shopping online! It was too funny when she sheepishly mentioned she sometimes shops online with her friend too. Omg that was an honest moment for sure. I think a lot of us can relate to how much fun shopping can be and even a little negotiation is exciting.

CRAP. Kelly Bensimon is on next weeks episode...ughhhhhhhhhhhh.

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