Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fashion Hunters: "Eco-Fashion Party"

First stop: home base, Second Time Around.Gorgeous Gucci pumps retailed $1300. Consigner wants $600 and that's not gonna happen, the Fashion Hunters generously give her 50% split on profits. Super sucks that she never wore it. Ugh I would kick myself, but I would never buy that expensive of an item and never wear it! Matter of fact, if I ever buy a shoe that costs over $1000 it's because I reaaaally wanted it and would wear it to death.

Next stop: Eco-Friendly house tour.
Let me tell you this isn't hippie stuff, it costs a lot to be Eco-friendly. The Eco-friendly home owning consigner has an Eco-friendly-not-so-much collection of clothes. D&G polka dot black suit (shop price $500) and also a gorgeous $5000 Roland Nivelais sapphire sequin dress! Hellloo, Obsessed with that color right now!

Tara gets ambitious and enthused after her Eco-friendly house go around. And so she has this crazy good  idea for an Eco-friendly party at the shop. But she just ends up getting a bit crazy. Anything but good. The party turns out just fine, of course, except for the fact that (did anyone else notice?) Wilson was wearing suede shoes. He says in reply to Ambria's compliment on his green shoes, yeah "I'm going green..." green suede. (So are these recycled suede shoes?) Hmmm...

It's Just a Cavalli.

Lets not forget the "collector" who shows up to consign a Just Cavalli jacket. Not Roberto Cavalli, JUST Cavalli. So funny to see the back and forth between the consigner and Wilson. (Really though, why do these people spend so much on JUST the designers low end clothes, and expect so much when they go to resell?) This is the response the "collector" gives to Wilson, "So lets JUST say, $1800." After a long discussion on what's JUST this and what's JUST that, he ends up not selling the jacket. I wonder if he tried selling it on Ebay.

*Side note:  Did a little research and the Just Cavalli Studded leather jacket was on sale on The Outnet & Niemen Marcus for $868 and it's also sold out.

Ok, over Just Cavalli now.

What I learned: Caterpillars are never over worked in the making of Eco-Friendly silk clothing.

Next week on Fashion Hunters: VALENTINO! And possibly over worked silk making Caterpillars. Awe.

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