Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion Hunters: "Designer Squabbles and Hot Male Models"


"I barely eat." says the diva Wilhelmina model Bentley. A consigner brings in a bunch of dirty party designer pieces that beg to differ from that statement. Second time around gals say no way unless she brings them back dry cleaned. Fail Sale!

Bentley then returns this time with freshly dry cleaned clothing. She's told she will only get 220 dollars, Bentley basically says that at this price she's been raped as she gives in and sells both items.


Wilson- get to work on the Men's section already, we are already 5 episodes into the season! Wilson's goal: to see a six foot male model walk through the door who wears "leather underwear." (Shrugs).Wilson seems to have a limited eye on the male clothes rack.  Tara makes some vaild points that his picks only appeal to one kind of with "flava." How very kind of her.

Ugh, Ambria has to bring Wilson along to a home visit consigning sesh. She's not too thrilled (I sympathize) which means entertainment is probable. They end up collecting a few crazy high fashion Jeremy Scott pieces from a male model who got these for free from walking in his shows. Pretty cool but I wonder who would actually buy a shirt with telephone number buttons on them. I don't get it.

Ambria and Wilson also scored fashion show tickets to Jeffrey Fashion Cares and over 1k of fashion goods.

One last parting gift, Wilson seems to have achieved his said goal from earlier on - six foot male model wearing (not quite leather underwear but close) speedos at the fashion show. Hmm maybe we will give him another chance.

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