Friday, November 11, 2011

Fab Five Friday

I'm currently obsessed with jewel tones, specifically emerald and sapphire. They look awesome on their own and even more amazing mashed up together. Rich, sophisticate and inviting, you will definitely people please in these tones.

These are intense hair clips! They would look great adorned alongside a sideways bun or up do.

Just like a ring pop only the band can also be enjoyed, these would be great for a holiday party.

Emerald J Brand Skinnies of course! Pair it up with a Sapphire blue chunky knit sweater and some black sequined booties and your ready for cocktail hour.

Speaking of cocktail hour, don't forget your clutch! This one is to die for, and of course its Kate Spade New York.

Last but not least, a show stopping, jaw dropping, sequined sapphire blue one shoulder dress by Rachel Zoe.

Fresh to death.

I hope this got you in the mood to party, because it definitely had that affect on me!

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