Friday, October 21, 2011

Three Green hearts: Goddess Hair Jewelry

I started wearing feather clips made by Three Green Hearts last summer, I picked them up at a local boutique. They are exquisite in person! Each  piece of handcrafted hair jewelry features at least two feathers, wood beads all secured on leather, which also come in an assortment of colors.
Recently they had a Facebook giveaway and all I had to do was pick a picture of my favorite feather clip and post it on their wall. As you can tell I was won of the winners. So excited to own another one these fab feather hair extensions.
 As you can see, the peacock feathers are attached two leather strands that add a highlight to my hair color. I picked a light brown. You can pretty much clip this anyway in your hair, I like the way it looks tucked behind the ear.
I'm pretty crazy about them, they add a nice pop of surprise to a basic outfit. I like to keep it casual with my clothes when I 'm wearing one of these, it tends to give off a bohemian vibe.

This is the first Goddess Hair Jewelry from Three Green Hearts that I purchased. I love the polka dots, must have come from a very stylish bird!

Find some beautiful feathers to style in your own hair here:

 One more thing, try to keep your prized Three Green Hearts feathers out of reach from little guys such as this one, they tend to accessorize occasionally.

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