Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fashion Hunters: A Miyake Mystery

Fashion Art Thieves!! Never trust geometrically clothed old ladies!!!
Nonono, I kid. I have no proof, but they do look very sketchy. 


I love it when Second Time Around managers call in for Barney's Creative Ambassador-at-large Simon Doonan's expertise. He shows up every episode so I'm beginning to think he has a lot of time on his hands, or a lot of Second Time Around money in his pockets...

If you have not been watching Fashion Hunters, well you need to start. I LOVE this show. I learn something new every week, its like the fashion merchandising classes I never got to take. The reality show takes place at a New York consignment shop called Second Time Around. We follow Tara, Ambria, Karina, and new to the team (their gay) Wilson on their fashion hunting adventures.

Last week we learned about spotting a fake Birkin, than with no other than himself, author of Bringing Home the Birkin, Michael Tonello, (I nearly screamed at my husband when I saw him show up on this episode) this is a must read book for fashionistas!

This week was so so, learned about Issey Miyake oddly dressed followers, or how I would imagine high fashion art thieves dress like if they were characters in a comic book. My least favorite part of this episode is when Ambria (assistant store manager) has a breakdown with her ex boyfriend over the phone and then has an impromptu therapy session with a consigner in the said consigner/"therapists" home later that day. Ughhh, please keep the personal drama out and keep bringing the Birkins! We only have 30 minutes people!

Next week they decipher a fake Chanel from a real one. And we peak into a Podiatrist to the stars shoe closet-and I don't even know what that means yet. But I do know hundreds of shoes are involved. Woo hoo!

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