Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Hunters: "If The Shoe Fits"

Wow, ok lets just jump right into this one ladies and gents!

Last nights episode of Fashion Hunters starts off with a huge bang, deciphering Chanel handbags. Omg omg, I can hardly contain my excitement. A consigner brings in two bags both which she picked up at a garage sale for 5 bucks a pop!!! Second time around store managers bring in the senior accessory editor Dani Stahl from Nylon magazine, obvi an expert on knowing how to authenticate handbags. Also I guess Barney's ambassador had the day off? Back to the bags, the first bag is a knock off. Why? Because...

Authentic Chanel bags :

1. Hardware should say Chanel and made in France
2. Have a label inside the bag and should be well attached and look of quality
3. Stitching should look hand stitched
4. Metallic gold Chanel stamp matches the color of the hardware
5. Are made of quality leather and texture
6. CC's should feel smooth to the touch
 AND a sure fire way to know if your Chanle bag is real:
Chanel handbags have a serial number sitcker in the bag.

And guess what? Of course, the second garage sale handbag was for reals! How exciting for that seller, she made a profit total of 3,500 plus trade for pink glitter Louboutin pumps that she had an eye on at the store! Good for her.

Take a look for yourself


Remember last weeks preview about closets full of shoes and a podiatrist to the stars. Well I'm still sort of unclear about what that job entitles...

Ok ok so apparently the Podiatrist to the Stars Dr.Levine, this is a person who has hundreds of shoes, think Rachel Zoe but if she only styled shoes on celebrities. As a Podiatrist to the stars, she will also recommend what brands of shoes to wear for your foot type. Say you have wide feet, than Prada might be for you. Perhaps a modern day Wilma Flinstone would rock these.

Oh and Dr. Levine also gives foot facials....Hey it's her job!

Yeah go figure. Anyways whatever her job is, I want it! BTW, She only ended up parting with 6 pairs of shoes-ugh greedy.

Ohhh sweet goodness I love this show!

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