Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cabinet of Dreams

Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet by Lori Grenier


This has to take the cake when it comes to anniversary gifts. Jewelry is always nice, sure, but where are you going to put all that once you have it? 

I was growing tired of my mini jewelry case and jewelry box duo. My necklaces and bracelets just wouldn't fit anymore, and then I saw this awesome full length mirror/secret jewelry cabinet and I haaaad to have it. It's all I could talk about after catching a glimpse of it in a style magazine I read over the summer. 

Lucky for me this was my one year wedding anniversary gift.

This is definitely something I will keep forever. So clever and chic, and no clutter!

This cabinet keeps jewelry tarnish free for up to 25-40 years and holds around 350 pieces. It also locks with a vintage silver key. So it keeps my cats out of my goodies! The only thing is that the earring section is huge, and I don't wear earrings. Sad face. Buuut I changed that, so I can rest my headbands and feather hair clips in that designated area now.

Here's how I styled my accessory closet :

Fun right? I think I may have an excuse to buy more cocktail rings ;)


  1. Oh sweet Lady I WANT this. I have been wanting one evr since I saw the lovely one my aunt had years ago. And I do wear a lot of earrings so this would be great :)

  2. Yes the earring section is huge! It's sold through QVC. This is something I will treasure forever.

  3. How'd I miss this post? I am adding this to my wish list! Love it!