Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breaking Down with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: "Tension While Relaxing"

Darn-We have to wait until next Monday for the much anticipated Pandora's engagement party!

My favorite part of the commune bed tour was how Lisa was only talking to her friend Mohamed and completely ignoring his "25" year old robot girlfriend!

Today on RHOBH the girls get together at Adrienne Maloof's mansion for a completely relaxing drama free spa day. HAH.

Housewives Vs. Brandi- Round 2, Ready? Fight.

Blah blah blah- real gold sprinkled on top red velvet cake blah blah. yogurt bar with 12 assorted toppings, blah blah, 40,000 dollar spa technology, yadda yadaa-in home spray tan booth! Yes, already better than "Pam's" party!

Brandi is forced to apologize to Kyle for calling her sister Kim a crystal meth addict.
Wahh wahh- Brandi cries. Kyle apologizes for suggesting she correct her son for peeing on the grass. Brandi says that's not cool. Nothing is settled. Brandi cries some more and then Taylor proceeds to tell Brandi that she really should apologize to Kim for making such a huge accusation. Brandi defends her accusation and still really thinks Kim is on something. No one takes her side, Brandi hobbles out with her crutches and leaves the party early. The girls laugh "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Housewives-2, Brandi-0.

(Side competition: Adrienne wins best food at a party. Pam-you loose again, and we will never forgive you for the bread stick plate at Game Night. Stop spending all your money on Valentino and feed your "friends"!)

Sorry newbies Brandi and "Pam." Better luck next week.

On second thought we don't care about you two next week, the fight will have to wait- it's all about Pandora's party!

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