Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Target Missoni: Missoni Accomplished

I had one of those nights, the ones that feel a lot like the anticipation of Christmas morning.
Missoni will do that to a girl.

I had high expectations for Missoni for Target. (Missoni is an Italian fashion house founded in 1953, known for mismatched colors & patterns, knitwear, & zig zag prints.) And it appears as though Miss Marghertia Missoni delievered on her promises. The fabrics and prints were to die. The clothes-ahhmazing. The shoes, oh the shoes. I loved it all.

I made it out to a Target in San Jose at 7:40ish am. There was ONE person in "line", not counting the guy who was there just "to buy paper towels" and proceeded to say "Missoni who?" If he is married, he has some 'splaining to do. But anyway, that just meant more goodies for me and that other girl! A total of 8 fashionistas and baby-nista, made it in store at 8am sharp. I grabbed a small cart and you know the rest.

I literally got everything on my list (except the home bedding collection-no quilts to be found).

My shopping cart:


Black & White Passione Tank dress

Cardigan Famiglia
(cute cat face not included)

Ballet Flats Zig Zag Fuschia

Inifinty Scarf

Menswear tie (can't forget the hubby!)

Every item absolutely affordable ( under $50) and true to size, now that's amore!

Bravo Missoni.

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  1. That first dress looks really cool. :) I never made it out there for the 'event'. I heard it was chaotic at many Target stores that morning.