Thursday, August 4, 2011

Charity Fashion Show 2011 (4/4/11)

Photos by Jeff Gire

"One thing was apparent from the show — there’s a huge demand for fashion in the Bay Area. The turnout was incredible as a runway long enough to land a passenger jet was packed with dozens of models and hundreds of fashionistas for a two hour show." 

Photo by Kanoa Utler Photography

Victoria Tik backstage w/myself
Frock LA Team w/model Vanessa Curry

Victoria Tick designer for Frock LA comments

 Don't miss this report on up and coming fashion designers based in California, one designer not to missed Frock LA. Frock rocked the runway w/ Pussycat Doll Vanessa Curry!

Read it on Mode Bay Area,

Charity Fashion Show 2011

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