Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer to Fall- 8/29/11 for The Usuals

 Last weekend me and my love did a little running around Guadalupe Park to find some good shots. I like the bench scene with all the leaves and dirt on the ground, I def. think it creates an atmosphere for fall. The picture below was taken across the street from Henry's Hi-Life BBQ. I think the wall and door create a nice color block!
Jeff is getting pretty good at snapping pics & its also nice perk working with the husband.
This photo shoot was taken for my contribution to The Usuals tumbler blog. My featured item of the month is the OLA heels. I'm in love with them.

My shirt and statement ring was also purchased at The Usuals,
Shirt by Tresics, Ring by Bela Koi.

As for the rest of the outfit:

Black Shorts, Lace Tights, Gray Bowler Hat- H&M
Orange Drawstring Bag-Urban Outfitters

Read about how I styled my summer wardrobe to be more fitting for the fall here: Summer to Fall-The Usuals
There's also a great close up of my Queen ring!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Vogue Kind of Night

A Vogue Kind of Night

Rachel Zoe beaded top
$375 - bloomingdales.com

High heel pumps
$1,195 - alexandermcqueen.com

House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses
$138 - boutiquetoyou.com

Buy Living in the City Wall Stickers, HI39147 online at JohnLewis.com...
£25 - johnlewis.com

I entered the Vogue FNO contest to win a trip to New York, and visit a Vogue Photo shoot and the coveted Vogue closet. Fingers crossed. Kind of obsessed with Polyvore. Also with that House of Harlow red clutch!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The $14 Italian Blazer? Yes, The $14 Italian Blazer.

I was super excited after winning the Santana Row Facebook contest of the day. I merely had to be the first one to answer the question about which Haute film is playing on Sept 9 at The Row. Answer being: The September Issue. Instant win. I received two tickets to see Lewis Black at The Mountain Winery venue Friday night. Retail value from $35-$65 a piece.

I was feeling pretty solid about my luck status and decided to make a run to Crossroads Trading Co. and bring in my bags of clothes, just for funsies. Besides my closet was getting pretty packed with tops and dresses that I haven't worn in a year or two.
I decided to browse around, how could I resist, surrounded by racks and racks of deliciously great deals? Instantly, as if my fingertips magnetized and clasped on to a black fitted blazer,I found my destiny, it was an Alberta Ferretti item priced at $65! I could hardly believe it, considering it a fake at first until I looked closely at the stitching, fabric and classic Ferretti buttons, I knew I had to try it on. It fit like a glove and it's exactly what I have been looking for.
"Franci" I hear from behind the cashiers table, calling upon me like angels in the heavens, "We took 9 items, that comes out to $56 in trade." Awesome (hallelujah!), I say as I bring my new treasure item, discarding the old items at will. With tax, my Italian made blazer came out to $14.00.
Haven't been happier since I found that Jimmy Choo pump for $1!
Wearing my Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti blazer w/Black VNeck BeauBoise top,True Religion Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Coco flats, Rachel Roy purse & a vintage Australian crystal black and gold necklace from It's a Girl Thing.

Just in case you don't understand what a great deal it was, I checked out the pricing online, and found a similar blazer, originally priced at $545! Believe this.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, tie back crepe jersey jacket

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shoes, a Store and an Obsession (8/17/11)

Photo Cred. Pink & Harmony

I really like the title that I gave the blog for Mode this week...I think it pretty much explains what goes in my head everyday ((shrugs)).

"On a recent Groupon discovery, I managed to score a pair of Jeffrey Campbell flats from an adorable & chic little boutique called Pink & Harmony. Now, I could have used the $45 for $100 Groupon on anything in this store—clothing, purses, or accessories. After scoping Pink & Harmony’s web page I found this out-of-control pair of Jeffrey Campbell “CoCo Stud” flats, regularly priced at $109. Shoes ALWAYS trump any other wardrobe item in my closet. These were hard to pass up, Chanel inspired, nude, gold studs—I mean, come on. "

Read about my obsessions here:
 Shoes, a Store and an Obsession

All in all a great shopping trip to Pink & Harmony (I have my eye on another pair of shoes from this store, sigh I know,I know.)

At the end of the write up on Mode, notice the fur vest! I'm really digging the fur look for fall, although I don't think I could pull off that much fur. I found a safe bet at Asos for less, find the fur item here: 5 Hot trends-RIGHT NOW, for every budget!

Illustrated Moodboard: Awesome.

The Lucky Winner (Before)

Illustrated Winner (After)
This is SICK! I looove fashion illustrations. How cool would it be to own one of yourself or significant others, or your cats wearing fashion! HAH, ok too much.

Super weird too, because just this week I had fashion illustrations on my mind, thinking about if I could do them and what not. Maybe I'll try it out and post it up here next time?

But I'd rather have someone draw it for me.

Anyway, enjoy Illustrated Moodboard's blog!

Illustrated Moodboard: Illustrations of our Lovely Readers #24: The winner of our monthly illustration giveaway is... Marloes.! To have a chance to win the next giveaway you simply have to: 1) foll...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneak Peak - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Photo by Jeff Gire, Edited by Franci Gire
A sneak peak to a little write up I did of my two newest obsessions: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes and a boutique in Menlo Park called Pink & Harmony!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Scene Magazine: Fall Fashion Editorial Spread (8/12/11)

My second Styling Assistance work for Mode Bay Area, Stylist Hasti Kashfia and Scene Magazine; East Bay & Silicon Valley Edition.

See the full editorial spread here: Scene Magazine East Bay Fall 2011 & Scene Magazine Fall 2011

Stylist: Hasti Kasfia, Mode Bay Area
Stylist Assistance: Paria Amini, Franci Gire
Photographer Delbarr Moradi studiomoradi.com
Makeup: Asal Beautyasal.com
Hair: VE Salon
Shot on Location Villa Lauriston, Portola Valley

Some stunning shots you missed from the magazine : www.studiomoradi.com

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scene Magazine (Spring 2011)

For the Spring 2011 Scene Magazine, Mode Bay Area collaborated on a glamorous bridal spread featuring a Vera Wang look on the cover. I took part of the amazing styling team for Mode Bay Area as an Assistant Stylist to Hasti Kashfia.

Creative Director and Styling: Hasti Kashfia

Assistant Stylists: Franci Gire & Jasmine Duarte

Photography: Delbarr Moradi www.studiomoradi.com

Makeup: Asal Fard

Hair: Amanda Silva

Models: HMM Models

Location: Montalvo Arts Center

Stripes. Not Stars (8/9/11)

Yay, Here I go again! My latest blogging gig. I will be posting up my link to monthly clothing review items from The Usuals up on my blogspot.

The Usuals is an extraordinary trendy,urban and classic clothing boutique for men, women and children! Great prices and one of kind finds can be bought here.I heart them since they first opened in a great location called The Alameda.

Keep an eye out or get automatically updated when you "like"  The Usuals and/or The Usuals SanJose Facebook pages!

Stripes, Not Stars

Frost Cupcake Factory (7/31/2011)

A deliciously frosted Mode Bay Area review of a new cupcake shop in Campbell, Ca.
 Frost Cupcake Factory 

I Want S'mores! (7/27/11)

A fun treat to create involving graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallow and blow torches!
Find my fav. recipe on Mode Bay Area here,
I Want S'mores!

Bake Me a Cake as Stylish as You Can (7/6/11)

"After craving these adorably chic aprons for months online at Jessie Steele, I spotted them on a random trip to Anthropologie. FYI the apron I ended up purchasing was the vintage inspired “Audrey Cherry Cupcakes Apron” the exact one that Charlotte wore in the Sex and the City 2 movie–remember she was wearing a vintage Valentino blouse underneath? Hilarious."

Read more on Mode Bay Area,

Bake Me a Cake as Stylish as You Can

Molly Ringwald is Bringing Pretty Back (6/15/11)

"Mode Bay Area had the the pleasure of meeting Molly at Benefit Cosmetics Boutique Chestnut location in San Francisco on June 14. There were treats to be had, bottles of Rose to be shared, Molly’s favorite Benefit products to be applied and books to be signed! (Much to my dismay, no dancing in the library.)"

Read all about my meet & greet with 80s movie icon Molly Ringwald only on Mode Bay Area.

Molly Ringwald is Bringing Pretty Back

How to: Ombre Nails (6/10/11)

How to: Ombre Nails

Read about this newest summer nail trend on Mode Bay Area!

Friday Food Crawl and Get to the Greek (6/2/11)

 Earlier summer foodie events, featuring a J.Lohr & Psycho Donuts mash up, a Moveable Feast in San Jose SOFA district and a traditional Greek festival! I'm full just thinking about it.

Read about foodie adventures on Mode,

Friday Food Crawl

Naughty and Nice DIY Spike Heels (4/18/11)

I don't know what is about spikes and studs on a heel, but it's sexy! These Sam Edelmans can cost you up to $200, unless you're the type of person that thinks, "Hey, I can make that!"

Here's how I did it,

DIY Spike Heels

Yard House- Santana Row (4/19/11)

Me, drinking a Southern Belle from Yard House.

 "MODE Bay Area was invited to the VIP and Media night preview party at Santana Row’s newest spot for drinks and eats, Yard House. This sneak peak included samples and tasting of many things that will be on the menu of over 100 food items. I also had to try the drinks out, including a pour or two of the 130 beers on tap."

My Yard House Review featured on Mode Bay Area.

Fraiche Yogurt, Fresh Ingredients (5/13/11)

Fraiche to death! This Yogurt shop is not your run of the mill fro yo hang out. This is serious deliciousness people. See why I am so infatuated with Fraiche on Mode:


Aruna Seth- A Curtsey to Heels (4/28/11)

Photo from Aruna Seth blog page. These remind me of my Kate Spade wedding flats!

"I checked them out online and the shoes are amazing. Fit for a princess but available to the rest of us commoners.." Read the rest of my Mode article featuring this chic to death London based shoe line.

Aruna Seth Shoes

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sivik-Eco Friendly Handbags (4/12/11)

Photo by Jeff Gire

"For years, you haven’t been able to open a checkout line tabloid without seeing vegan handbags, accessories, shoes and clothes adorning our celebrities. More and more designers are pushing the limits of sustainability, and in the process giving everyone, not just those of us on the cover of People, a chance to conserve the Earth’s resources by purchasing something that has been elegantly recycled."

Read my review on Mode Bay Area,
Sivik-Eco Friendly Handbags

Charity Fashion Show 2011 (4/4/11)

Photos by Jeff Gire

"One thing was apparent from the show — there’s a huge demand for fashion in the Bay Area. The turnout was incredible as a runway long enough to land a passenger jet was packed with dozens of models and hundreds of fashionistas for a two hour show." 

Photo by Kanoa Utler Photography

Victoria Tik backstage w/myself
Frock LA Team w/model Vanessa Curry

Victoria Tick designer for Frock LA comments

 Don't miss this report on up and coming fashion designers based in California, one designer not to missed Frock LA. Frock rocked the runway w/ Pussycat Doll Vanessa Curry!

Read it on Mode Bay Area,

Charity Fashion Show 2011

Sketches for the Princess Bride Kate Middleton 3/29/11

"Every girl dreams of that perfect wedding dress, but not many are as lucky as England’s princess to be, who has scores of sketchbook-clutching designers swooning at her royal feet."

 I admit I was a little curious about this whole Will & Kate wedding bonanza! Really, once you get Project Runway involved and a signature Butter London nail polish, I can't help but to jump on the carriage and go for a ride! Read it here on Mode Bay Area and enjoy!

Sketches for the Princess Bride Kate Middleton

Designer Profile Q&A with Christopher Collins 3/1/11

Photo by Jeff Gire

Being a HUGE Project Runway fan, I was so stoked about meeting PR alumni Christopher at his trunk show in Berkeley, at a little boutique called Sala. I have a feeling I'm not alone because there was 89 LIKES!

This article made my month.
Christopher Collin's Facebook friend page, He shared my article!

"It’s hard not to be won over by Christopher Collins. Within seconds of meeting him he was gushing over a feather hair extension I was wearing, that launched him into a discussion of a niece’s obsession with hair tinsel — all part of a look he calls “Pocahontas chic.”
Read the full story on Mode Bay Area for full  insight on the designer, his collection and even Project Runway.

Designer Profile-Q&A with Christopher Collins

*Cute little side story: My husband was the designated Press Photographer for this Meet and Greet and after seeing how enamored I was with Chris and his dress, he returned to Sala to buy me the very Christopher Collin dress I tried on! That's why I married the guy <3 !

Red Velvet Heart Pancakes 2/15/11

This was my twist on a recipe I found at Cafe Zupas. The cutest pancake ever, and tastes like red velvet cupcakes married a cookie. Happy Valentines Day indeed.

How to hotcakes on Mode Bay Area,

Red Velvet Heart Pancakes

French Omelet Recipe For The Cheri On The Go 2/11/11

"So you’re taking off for Valley Fair in 20 and haven’t had a bite yet? Put that granola bar away, a real cheri can make this work (and have enough time to put your face on), after all you’re going to need that energy for carrying around those shopping bags!"

Read more on MODE Bay Area!
 French Omelet Recipe

O Clock on the dot. 2/8/11

This was a little review on a super cool watch I found at The Usuals.

"I’m a big fan of a man wearing a watch. Not only does it say this guy has places to go, but it’s basically one of the few accessory options a dude has got. So why not have fun with time?"
Read more on Mode Bay Area,
O Clock on the dot.

March Brings Bay Area Bargains! 2/9/11

"This March the annual Oakland Museum Women’s Board White Elephant sale returns. What does that mean? Shopping. Tons and tons of guilt free shopping since sales benefit the Oakland Museum’s arts programs and exhibits."

Read the rest of my shopping adventure and finds here,
Mode: White Elephant Sale 

Hello Kitty Purry 1/31/11

"Two new products I’ve been following closely have been Katy Perry’s OPI nail polish “Black Shatter” and the Hello Kitty Sephora beauty line."

Mode: Hello Kitty Purry